Who we are

A futuristic technology consultant

We are a software company but more importantly, we are a community of passionate people who are passionate about making the world a better place through one line of code at a time. Combining our decades of accumulated industry experience and cutting edge technology, we will guide your business venture and elevate to newer heights.

The Masterminds of JRC

People Culture

A culture that appreciate the individual in you

Our greatest strength lies in only one factor and that is people

At JRC we treat everyone equally!

Nothing stands in the way when we creatively run wild, which inspires and spark innovative concepts that allow us to develop creative solutions for your business requirement. All of us work as one, we’ve created that culture in JRC that even the youngest team member can speak and inspire the top guys because we believe in listening… After all, it’s a team effort and a collective thought process, which definitely yields better results than a single mind dominating the entire show.

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